Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman (2014)


184,870 views Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman is a biography on Heyman's entire life and career. Paul began as a photographer taking ringside pictures at MSG and worked his way into WCW becoming a manager (a.k.a. Paul E. Dangerously). Paul then went to ECW and became the figurehead for the company. His unique brand of over the top, in your face entertainment developed a cult-like following.

WWE: The Top 25 Rivalries in Wrestling History (2013)



WWE Hall of Fame (2015)


30,090 views WWE Hall of Fame ( 2015 )

WWE: McMahon (2006)


21,590 views complete look at the blurred reality between Vince McMahon, Chairman of WWE, and Mr. McMahon, TV's "boss from hell.

Andre the Giant (2018)

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18,750 views A look at the life and career of professional wrestler André Roussimoff, who gained notoriety in the 1980s as Andre the Giant.

WrestleMania (2018)


7,890 views Superstars of RAW and Smackdown fight on the grandest stage of them, all, 'WrestleMania'; in order to show, who is the best.

Royal Rumble (1989)


3,010 views 30 men. One ring. Two start, and a new one is introduced every 2 minutes. Only way out: over the top rope. The second annual Royal Rumble features 30 top WWF stars. Also: WWF Women's Title: Rockin' Robin vs. Judy Martin, 2 out of 3 Falls: The Hart Foundation & Jim Duggan vs. The Rougeau Brothers & Dino Bravo